At ATC, revenue down but salary up

The Austin Technology Council gave its previous president hefty salary increases over the last three years and in 2008 paid her nearly one-third of the organization’s revenue while the group operated at a deficit amid sharply declining revenue.

Former President Alisha Ring’s salary surged 30 percent during the last two years while the group’s revenue declined 36 percent, according to the group’s filings with the Internal Revenue Service.

ATC officials say the position’s salary is tied to the group’s financial health and revenue-generating metrics such as new memberships, sponsorships and events. But Ring’s salary increased during the last two years while ATC revenue reverted back to 2005 levels and the organization posted a net loss.

The nonprofit paid Ring $97,807 during 2008 compared with $75,000 in 2006, which was her first full year on the job. But last year’s revenue of $347,461 was comparable to the $344,705 in revenue the group reported in 2005, IRS filings show.