Michael Dell to workers: Ignore the media

The CEO of Dell Inc. is urging employees of the Round Rock-based company to ignore media reports that the proposed $67 billion acquisition of EMC Corp. is having trouble with its financing.

Last week, according to a regulatory filing, Michael Dell told his employees the media was reporting developments to generate page views. He suggested employees not waste time reading about any delays with the merger that is scheduled to be completed by October.

“The media business is under a lot of stress and their business model is sort of cratering,” Dell said in the filing. “And what they do to survive in those tough times is they create something called click bait. They create an inflammatory headline. So and so was impregnated by aliens, or whatever, click on here to read about this story, see some ads, try to get some money. So don’t fall for that, okay. There’s going to be those kind of stories, just like there were during the (2013 shareholder buyout).”

The Feb. 9 comments occurred at Dell’s field readiness seminar, the SEC filing indicates. Dell spokesman David Frink said the event was attended by company sales workers but declined to provide the location or the number of employees who attended.